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Canoe Paddles

Canoeing is a great recreational activity, from beginners looking for their first paddle to hunters and fishermen/women looking for two blades or the most durable paddle we have. We also carry whitewater canoe paddles and a selection of lightweight race inspired paddles. For our die-hard canoe customers looking to spend the next two weeks touring across a lake or down a river, we have lightweight carbon foam core and wood paddles to help you push further into the unknown. Here at Next Adventure, we have a canoe paddle to meet your needs!

19 Items

  1. Wilderness Technology Canoe Paddle
    Wilderness Technology Canoe Paddle
    Was: $34.95 Now: $19.99
    You save: $14.96 (43%)
  2. Bandit Adjustable Leverlock Paddle
    Werner Paddles Bandit Adjustable Leverlock Paddle
    Was: $259.00 Now: $215.00
    You save: $44.00 (17%)
  3. Accent Beat Aluminum Canoe Paddle
  4. Cannon 8 Straight Canoe Paddle
  5. Accent Beat Canoe Paddle
  6. blue bandito blade
  7. Luna White Blade

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