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If you love spending time on the water and have been considering a new paddle, check out our selection. We carry a wide variety of kayak paddles, touring paddles, stand up paddle board paddles, whitewater paddles and rafting paddles. If you are looking for your first paddle or are looking to upgrade to a lighter, stiffer carbon foam core option we have the paddle to meet your needs and budget.

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  1. Kid's Adjustable SUP Paddle
  2. Axel Wood Double Bend Paddle
    Kialoa Axel Wood Double Bend Paddle
    Was: $329.00 Now: $259.00
    You save: $70.00 (21%)
  3. Wilderness Technology Canoe Paddle
    Wilderness Technology Canoe Paddle
    Was: $34.95 Now: $19.99
    You save: $14.96 (43%)
  4. Kialoa Yin Yang Hybrid Dragon Boat Paddle
  5. Sherpa 1-Piece Straight Whitewater Paddle -  Small Diameter
  6. Bandit Adjustable Leverlock Paddle
    Werner Paddles Bandit Adjustable Leverlock Paddle
    Was: $259.00 Now: $215.00
    You save: $44.00 (17%)

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